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Amidst all of the chaos of Jimmy starting school again, me finishing up my internship and getting on the job hunt and Motley making progress with his knee surgery recovery, we were excited to be able to get away with my family for Labor Day. As an annual tradition for about 6 or 7 years […]

The music sounds wrong when you’re no longer around. Like a language I no longer speak. With words incomplete. These same old songs have an unfamiliar sound.

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I have decided that since I no longer have the “I’m in College” excuse to fall back on after any misstep in my judgement, I should probably start being a more productive member of society and I guess more adult-ish? Yeah we’re going to go with that. Basically I am determined to spend my time […]

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This weekend I took on the task of planning an intern camping trip but also made the executive decision to bring a long a few of my own friends, which inevitably saved the camping trip from a disastrous beginning middle and ending. I learned a lot of things, well maybe just was reassured of a […]

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I’ve just returned from an amazing 10 days in the beautiful state of California for my last official spring break as a college student. Unlike many people my age I did not spend my time partying on a beach in Cabo or on a boat in Havasu. No, instead I travelled the coast of California […]


Easily one of my favorite recipes, I usually make gaspacho soup in large quantities and eat it for (at least) one meal a day for two weeks straight. The recipe is one my mother gave to me and has made it into my extended family’s official cookbook (written my my grandmother). The steps are pretty […]

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January is nearly over and I think I’ve finally nailed down a few Near Year’s Resolutions to help me kick ass in 2014. My underlying goal is to be the best me I can be and to surround myself with positive energy inward and outward. I have often struggled with my stress levels getting the […]


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