About Me

Marketing. Design. Writing. 
Crazy Dog Lady. Skier. 
Colorado Native. Outdoor Enthusiast.
Multitasker. Overprotective. Feminist. 
Daughter. Sister. Girlfriend. Friend.

[Executive Summary]

A Colorado native, who studied marketing, operations and digital media at the Leeds School of Business and is passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle through an intent to think and act with a creative edge.

I address my career as an opportunity to use my skills in a meaningful environment working with or within the outdoor sports industry or natural foods industry. My goal is to work on a marketing and advertising campaign in these industries within the next 5 years.

[Personal Description]

As a student I acquired a wide range of marketing skills including consumer research techniques, IMC planning, product strategy innovation, web design, and project management.

At my core, I am two parts strategist and one part artist. Without effort, I meticulously organize every aspect of my life whether it is a class project, marketing plan for work, event schedule coordination or small to-do list. I plan in my sleep, constantly working and reworking tasks to allow for maximum productivity, enjoyment, etc. On the other hand I can easily get lost in a writing or design project. What began as a therapeutic relaxation method has over the past 10 years evolved into an ability to brainstorm and produce innovative business ideas, written prose and aesthetic design.

I am motivated by any challenge given to me. As someone who is highly competitive I am constantly striving to be successful at whatever task is at hand. I’ve have learned from experience that there is no obstacle I cannot overcome or goal I cannot reach and I want to prove that to myself.

For more information on my professional profile please contact me,  view my resume or browse my work and school portfolio.  

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